What is cryotherapy?

This quick, painless and non-invasive treatment uses a hyper-cooling process to speed up recovery and re-energise the body. The temperature of the skin is lowered to just 5 degrees Celsius within the cryotherapy cabin for a maximum of 4 minutes.

How safe is it?

Very! A great deal of research and expertise has gone into the development of our cryotherapy cabins over the last 30 years, resulting in equipment that is tried, tested and completely safe.

What if I suffer from claustrophobia?

You’re very unlikely to feel claustrophobic in our cryotherapy chamber, because your head will be raised above the rim of the cabin at all times. However, the door will never be locked, and you always have the option to exit your session early if you feel uncomfortable at any stage.

How often should I attend cryotherapy sessions?

For effective results, we recommend attending six to eight sessions in the first two weeks of your treatment programme. After this initial treatment period has been completed, we suggest two to three sessions per week. We do not advise booking more than two treatments in one day.

Should I book a cryotherapy session before or after intense exercise?

It depends on what you wish to achieve from the treatment. Cryotherapy before exercise will improve blood flow, boost oxygen levels and elevate your metabolic rate, resulting in more energy and stamina. After exercise, the treatment will encourage muscle repair, cell renewal and recovery; it will also lessen pain and inflammation.

Can cryotherapy help me recover from an injury?

Cryotherapy can help to speed up your recovery, yes. The impact of the treatment will depend on the type and severity of the injury.

What do I need to wear during my session?

To protect your body’s most sensitive areas, we will provide socks, slippers and gloves for all clients; additionally, men will be supplied with shorts, and women with bathing suits.

What can I expect after my session?

You can expect to go about your day as normal! You should not experience frozen tissues or muscles and will have your usual mobility once your treatment has finished.

Can I have a cryotherapy treatment if I’m pregnant?

Cryotherapy is not suitable for pregnant women.

I’m under 18. Can I still undergo cryotherapy?

Yes – but a parent or guardian must accompany you to your appointment and express their full consent. No exceptions!

Can I wear jewellery in the chamber?

No. You must remove all metal objects before entering the chamber, including earrings, bracelets, chains, rings and watches.

Have the benefits of cryotherapy been proven?

Yes! Cryotherapy has been used commercially in many locations across the globe for three decades. Millions of clients have reported a noticeable improvement in their physical and mental wellbeing after undergoing a course of treatments.

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