We’ve invested in the most innovative single person cryotherapy device available on the market - CryoAction’s CryoSolo™.

This cutting-edge cryotherapy chamber delivers a whole body treatment that has been proven to boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, speed up the healing process and encourage better overall wellbeing.

All cryotherapy chamber sessions take place at our clinic in Loughton, Essex.

How it Works

When you arrive at The Cryotherapy Place, you’ll be greeted by one of our friendly, fully trained cryotherapy specialists. He or she will provide you with an initial consultation to discover what you’re hoping to achieve from your session and collect your basic health information (which we’ll need to keep on file).

Next, you’ll be ushered into a private changing room and asked to change into thermal socks and gloves. You’ll then be invited to enter the CryoSolo™ chamber, ready for your treatment to begin.

Your session will last upto 4 minutes, during which the chamber will cool to a temperature of -130 degrees Celsius. The freezing cold dry air will circulate around your entire body to trigger all the incredible benefits of cryotherapy.

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Contact us to book a session in our cryotherapy chamber or learn more about our whole body cryotherapy treatment.

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